Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheet in Coils/ Steel Coils

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Applications for galvanized steel coils
Construction materials:
Floors, ceilings, draft-tubes, roofs, walls, window frames, beams, fences, balconies, iron folding doors, sun canopies, room partitions, interior decorations, guide tubes, air pumps, warehouses, sewer ditches.
Transportation industry:
Auto body plates, air cleaners, oil filters, gas tanks, containers, highway sound-insulation walls.
Electrical appliances:
Lighting instruments, washing machines, dryers, freezers, vending machines, vacuum flasks, stoves, refrigerators, coolers, toolboxes.
Large barns, plates for dryers, livestock sheds, funnel-shaped containers, supporting frames for plastic houses, irrigation canals, greenhouses.
Furniture-/office-use machines and equipment, amusement machines, garage or car-use sheds, small garden houses, and storage rooms.